Acraphyll aka "Lost Man's Fall"

This plant grows primarily on the cliffsides of temperate forests. It is a woody shrub that grows 1-2 meters tall and several meters wide. It has an extensive root system to keep itself securely anchored to the cliff face on which it resides. It has 4-5 centimeter thorns across its branches that are semi-hollow and can house a symbiotic swarm hive of Lancer Ants. Its leaves have three lance-shaped blades that are all partially connected at the base. The entire leaf is oily in appearance and slick to the touch. Any new branch growth hardens and grows a bark shell within the return season. The plant itself has a deep red color not unlike cherrywood that bleaches in the sun when broken off or dying.

The Plant got the name Lost Man’s Fall from the dangerous neurotoxin that it creates as a defensive mechanism against burrowing creatures that feed on its roots. Upon ingestion, the toxin will paralyze the victim, arresting respiration long enough for death to occur. The rotting carcasses underneath act as a fertilizer to keep nutrients in the soil. An insect swarm was discovered residing in the thorns of the plant, giving it the reason for its’ name. The ants are symbiotic organisms that reside in the plant, feeding off of the plant’s victims and leaving refuse to act as a more potent fertilizer. When the animal is consumed, the ants store the toxin in a special gland and carry it to their home, where they coat the thorns in the secretion, making them just as dangerous to creatures above ground. If the neurotoxin enters the bloodstream, as when someone scratches themselves on the thorns, a muscle fatigue and loss of coordination ensues, followed rapidly by temporary paralysis. The location of this plant makes this toxin especially dangerous, as the paralysis occurs and the person falls off of the cliff to their death.

Locals who know of this plant know of this plant and carefully harvest portions of its roots for medicinal purposes. The neurotoxin, when extracted and distilled creates a blue-brown liquid that is used to help stop seizures from getting dangerously violent or effectively paralyzing pations who need important body modifications, such during amputations to prevent thrashing. With its properties, it is also popular as a poison to aid hunting larger animals, or in kidnapping as no lasting damage is accrued.

Acraphyll Poison: DC 12 Injury (2 Con damage and fall prone/ 1d10 Con damage and 1d3×10 minutes of paralysis)
Distilled Acraphyll Poison: DC 17 Injury (1d6 Con damage and fall prone/ 1d12 Con Damage and 1d4 hours of paralysis)

Acraphyll aka "Lost Man's Fall"

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