Sidhe Racial Traits

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Sidhe Racial Traits

  • • +2 Dex, -4 Con, +2 Cha. The Sidhe are naturally graceful, but their long residence on the ethereal has left them frail.

  • • Sidhe base land speed is 40 ft.

  • • Low light vision. The Mistfolk’s long existence on the Ethereal has granted them excellent vision in dim illumination. They can see twice as far as humans.

  • Fey immunities: Not being Humanoids, Sidhe are immune to spells like charm person.

  • War training: Sidhe have the Martial Weapon Proficiency feat for one Melee weapon. They may draw or sheath/stow weapons of this type as a swift action as long as they are not wearing medium or heavy armor or carry a medium or heavy load.

  • Preternatural Swiftness: Sidhe receive a +2 bonus to initiative checks and attacks of opportunity. They loose access to this ability if they wear medium or heavy armor or carry a medium or heavy load.

  • Academics: Sidhe select 2 Knowledge, Profession or Perform skills at 1st level. They receive a +2 racial bonus to these skills and count as trained.

  • Sidhe cannot stand the sound of bells or look a divine caster in the eye. (No penalties, but a fun bit of fluff based upon Irish fairy lore.)

  • Automatic Languages: Sylvan Bonus Languages: Any (Most Sidhe Libraries have lore in many different languages, which the Sidhe learn to further their studies. Exiled Sidhe quickly the learn languages they need to hide their race, such as Common and Elven.)

  • Favored Class: None. Sidhe psychology doesn’t lend itself to multicalssing. Most Sidhe have devoted themselves to one area of study, or chosen a diverse set of talents to improve evenly.

Sidhe (pronounced Shee)

Few scholars know of the Mistfolk that came to live in Krynn’s Ethereal plane. Those who do, tell a tale of deception, enslavement, and war.

The Sidhe have taken the attainment of knowledge, and the study of magic in particular, to an extreme that equals the fervor many mortals devote to religion. The libraries of the Sidhe contain knowledge on all topics gleaned from all the civilizations of Kyrnn, and many others from across the multiverse. While all the fey have a natural affinity for magic, the Sidhe have taken their innate ability to new heights through their pursuits.

Nearly every fey that resides on the splendid and terrible plane of Faerie, and many who don’t, swear allegiance to either the Seelie, or Unseelie courts. The Sidhe technically belonged to the Seelie court before their enslavement, although they mostly kept themselves apart, and ignored the court’s intrigues. This separation left them open to the betrayal which led the Sidhe to their hidden existence.

Maurelle, a Lord of the Unseelie court, decided to play a prank on the Sidhe in a fit of pique. He convinced the Sidhe lords and ladies that he wished to swear fealty to them, and offered them a gift of untold power to show his allegiance. The Sidhe had little use for the intrigues and power struggles of Faerie politics, but the magical knowledge he offered them was too promising to pass up. Maurelle lead the best of the Sidhe magi in the ritual that he claimed would open the door to a vast library kept by the gods themselves. Maurelle’s deception became clear when the demon-god Hiddukel appeared at the height of the ritual and took each and every Sidhe into his realm as slaves.

The Sidhe spent the next 3,000 years in bondage under Hiddukel. All this time, they lived in the misery under the lash of demons forced to build Hiddukel’s temple cities and serving as jesters in his courts or front line soldiers in his armies. Every possible disgrace and danger was visited upon the fey scholars a thousand times over. The Sidhe spent every second of their miserable lives learning what they could in secret from their cruel masters, and plotting their escape.

Over the years, the enslaved Sidhe magi worked to free their people from bondage in secret. They eventually worked out a plan, involving an alliance with one of Hiddukel’s lesser generals, Tzalik, and an intricate series of highly disruptive events throughout Hiddukel’s realm. Every Sidhe knew his part and played it without flaw. Under the cover of the ensuing chaos, a group of the Sidhe’s greatest magi cast a spell that whisked every Sidhe away to a secluded corner of the Ethereal plane. Tzalik was left to feel the brunt of Hidduke’s anger. He was forced to hunt the Sidhe across the planes, in constant, unendurable pain. Hidduke released Tzalik from his torment when he found their hiding place, and tasked him with reclaiming the slaves. Now the disgraced general wages a constant battle with the Sidhe, with the paltry army Hidduke gives him.

The Sidhe settled in a community parallel to wild secluded forest on the Material plane, which reminded them of long lost Faerie, and began to fortify their new home against the impending attack from their ex-master. This small community quickly grew into fortress enclave with every Sidhe trained for war, and many continuing their scholarly tradition as well. Many of the most knowledgeable Sidhe families formed a new fey court, similar to the Seelie and Unseelie courts, called the Court of Mists.

When Tzalik’s assaults started, the Sidhe were ready. Each assault was repulsed by their skilled warmagi and brave soldiers. Eventually Tzalik was forced to return to Hidduke’s realm to recuperate his loses and recover his strength. To this day, Tzalik wages war on the Mistfolk with the paltry forces of demons he can muster.

To add to the Sidhe’s troubles, the Unseelie court soon discovered the Sidhe’s escape from Hidduke’s mastery. Many of the smaller and less defended enclaves soon became popular targets for the Unseelie lord’s wild hunts. The Sidhe became a hard and bitter people under the constant siege of their many enemies.

Now the Mistfolk eek out a difficult existence in their secret corner of the Ethereal plane. Every Sidhe learns to wield a weapon from an early age. The long siege facing this scholarly people has given them a healthy but seemingly contradictory respect for the perfection of a skill and the possession of many diverse talents. The Sidhe’s love learning, which results in even the smallest enclaves maintain a number of libraries containing the collected knowledge of that enclave’s studies and supplemented with knowledge stolen from Hidduke and the races of Kyrnn.

Personality: The Sidhe are naturally a merry and driven people. The constant threat of war has made them pragmatic and orderly as well. Many of them devote themselves to one or more areas of expertise with extraordinary fervor. Almost all Sidhe are intensely loyal to their friends and people, and would lay down their lives for those they care for.

Physical Description: A typical Sidhe stands between 5 ½ and 6 ½ ft tall, with a very slight frame. They have distinctly elfish features, although they lack any pigment due to their long existence on the ethereal. The only color a Mistfolk has is in their piercingly blue eyes. Someone who wouldn’t know better would assume a Sidhe was an albino elf with exceedingly sharp features. On the material plane, Sidhe have the unnerving habit of appearing hazy and translucent out of the corner of an observer’s eye, but quickly snap into focus when observed closely. The Mistfolk move with a startling grace and swiftness not found often found in mortals. Sidhe wear simple and efficient grey clothing. Many wear armor and carry a weapon.

Sidhe reach maturity at around 60 years, and live for centuries.

Relations: Most Sidhe never meet other races, except those enemies who attack their enclaves. Those who do are usually scouts sent to take knowledge from the races of the Material plane. These scouts have lead to many stories of a shadowy people that wonders the Ethereal and haunt material cities. These stories are often dismissed as fairytales told to scare children. Those that aren’t scouts are exiles, who have earned such a high punishment for some great crime. The Mistfolk view exile as a fate almost worse than death. These Sidhe usually take up the life of a wondering scholar, warrior or hedge-mage, and never stay in one place for too long. Like all fey, the Mistfolk are prone to pranks and other pleasures without much regard to fate the butt of their jokes. Still, most Sidhe won’t intentionally harm someone without good reason.

Alignment: Usually lawful good. The Sidhe have become a well organized, military society. Most Mistfolk are welcoming and kind while amongst friends, and are freely willing to help that in need. Exiles are usually chaotic individuals who found the restrictions of their culture constraining, and have earned the ire of the Court of Mists because of it.

Lands: The Sidhe live in fortress enclaves built with materials taken to the Ethereal plane from the Material. These cities tend to parallel deep, secluded forests, where they are unlikely to be found.

Religion: Few fey pay much regard to the gods. The Sidhe find even less reason to worship than most, as they suffered at the hands of a god for years, while no other helped them. Exiled Sidhe may sometimes take a patron deity if they were sufficiently humbled by their exile.

Language: The Sidhe speak Sylvan. Many learn abyssal as well. Exiled Sidhe who find themselves in civilized lands often learn the language of those lands as well as elven to maintain their race’s secrecy.

Names: Chose names based solely on their euphonic quality. This is one of the few pleasures the Mistfolk can always rely on in their embattled existence. Frequently these names are hard to pronounce for those who do not speak Sylvan. Only noble Sidhe have family names. Common Sidhe use their vocation as their surname. Exiled Sidhe often chose an elven name to hide their fey nature, only using their real name with trusted friends.

Adventurers: Few Sidhe ever leave their home, as they view separation from their people as a terrible fate. Those who do adventure are often exiles that pursue adventuring to remain alive in an alien world. These Sidhe are almost always chaotic.

Aging: Sidhe reach adulthood at 60 years and live for hundreds of years. All this time, they do not receive bonuses or penalties for aging. When a Sidhe reaches their last year (800+2d%) they begin a rapid process of aging called the Wasting. Each week the wasting Sidhe looses one point from a randomly determined ability score. When the first score reaches zero, the Sidhe dies.

Coming Soon: Sidhe dueling culture.

Sidhe Racial Traits

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