Antarria, the Shadows of Perfection

Tomb of the Ogres
When Kendle departs mysteriously, new friends appear. Bonds are formed with plunder.

The next morning found the group stirring late. Not all remained from the previous night. Ameiko appeared to have had enough of erupting volcanos and decided to creep away before the rest awoke rather than confront them about his cowardice. More importantly to most (and especially to Vadania), Kendle had also gone missing, though she had left a crudely scratched, pictographic message. Aust and Vadania puzzled over it for some time before deciding that Kendle apparently believed the cat Alexi had told her to follow alone to look for some sort of shiny sword. There was a picture of Aust (assumably) holding the sword and stepping on the severed head of some monster. When the kender apparently protested and wanted to bring Vadania, there was an image of a head on a spike….

Dwarven Side Quest
4 Dwarves who don't know what they're looking for. Hilerity ensuses...

A group of Dwarves plays a minor role at the beginning of The War of the Lance before their deaths. See comments for full story.

Flames of Fate
In holy Mt Kutu, destiny begins to stir

At twilight’s end,
the shadows crossed
A new world birthed,
The elder lost

Five days marching brought the party within a single day of holy Mt Kutu. As they camped the night before, Ajakall told them that the mountain was once occupied by a group of small miners who angered it, so it consumed them in a great fire and smoke. As holy ground, only the priestesses and their protectors were permitted to tread upon it, though no such laws applied to foreigners. After he led them to the mountain, their guide would not be able to go with them.

Mercenary Daze
You ever just wanna kill something? Try your hand at mercenary work in the ogre ravaged province of West Burkana!

After several days of selling items and exploring the city on edge, the party heard an announcement for mercenary recruitment, and decided to jump at the opportunity to make some quick steel.

They reported to the advertised place a little bit late, but were accepted nonetheless, meeting the commander of the mercenary force, a veteran solamnic named Lord Aubrecht, who bore some familial resemblance to Marilyn Aubrecht, whom they had met in Imburg Vale. He told them that the Prince would be watching their operation from afar, so they should make every effort to conduct themselves professionally, and then dismissed them.

Of Science and Sorcery
Can the party survive in a camp full of gnomish gadgets being besieged by an animal army? Which will kill them first?

Aust stared in puzzlement at the hand which had gripped Fai’lon’s, that was now covered in blood. It held some strange sense of foreboding for him.

The rest of the group looked around and found themselves in a large clearing in the center of which stood a black obelisk with blue, inscribed runes. A network of trenches had been dug around its base, and the sound of rumbling machinery came from that direction. Before they could think too much, a large silverback gorilla lumbered out of the forest and began to aggressively challenge them. Aust snapped out of his reverie and wiped the blood from his hand, gripping his weapon. Other gorillas hung back and watched from the eaves of the treeline, and a small, brown head popped out of the trench.

A Father's Duty
Fai'lon want's a humble bookseller's dark secret, what could it be?

Fai’lon approached, the crowd parting to allow the strange masked figure to pass. When the party approached, they found he spoke as strangely as he seemed, in flowery metaphors of threads, and flows, and something called the “Kael”. He proposed a trade, though he had no interest in money, asking instead that a secret be found. The dark secret of the bookseller, Bernhardt, in the town of Mellorn. Fai’lon said that he would return in one full turning of the hidden moon, and Slivet explained to everyone that the black moon Nuitari had a cycle of only 8 days.

Interlude in Imburg
Finally safe, the party rests and prepares for the next adventure

Upon arriving back in Imburg vale, Ivana introduced the party to the Holmstead family, and everyone got some well deserved rest. Indana seemed especially taken with “Aunt Ivana”’s return, and quickly took a liking to both Kindle and Slivet. He made Kindle promise to play tomorrow morning.

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