Silver dragon, no longer troubled by the loss of his humanity


A huge silver dragon, Sheen lacks the ability to fly due to a serious war injury. He retains the might of his people, and would be quite a fierce opponent.


When Sheen’s spirit awoke, he had been dwelling within the body of a Bolmaukan woodsman. Called to fight in the war, the terrible fury of the battlefield shocked and sickened him. He fled in the middle of the campaigns after suffering a terrible wound that shattered his wing, and returned to his former home. The wife and child he remembered didn’t recognize him, and fled in fear from the monster he’d become, sending him spiralling into depression.

After years of wandering, he found himself in Imburg vale, at Utungi’s school, but was not ready to accept the advice of the bolmaukan mahgi. After their argument, he ran across one of Gearwind’s associates doing a deal with the newly developed liqour. After taking out a bit of his frustration on the hapless criminals, he decided to drown his troubles. Later that night he collapsed into a drunken hibernation from which he would not emerge until the party, aided by Utungi, entered his dreams and helped to exorcise his demons.

While he still remembers his time as the woodsman, it is vague and dreamlike, and the longings he once held for his lost humanity no longer trouble him.


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