Utungi the Ugly

A powerful mahgi, helping the disabled help themselves.


Utungi is a powerful wizard, capable of manipulating the earth and projecting others’ spirits into the dreams of dragons. What other capabilities he may have remain a mystery, but he has gained at least enough notoriety for Ael’ahr to have heard of him.


Utungi runs a school in Imburg that helps to rehabilitate those who are either unable, or unwilling to gain magical healing. This can either because they lack the resources, or the defect is inherent to their being (i.e. they are born blind).

He was born with a seriously cleft upper lip that still affects his speech, despite years of struggle to cope with it. Indeed, many of his mentors doubted his ability to form the complex sounds needed to successfully incant spells. Rather than sinking into despair, he redoubled his efforts, and has little sympathy for those who whine or complain about the hand fate has dealt them.

Utungi the Ugly

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