Glanfair Dalbarick

The Semi Crazy Dwarven Pirate


Mariner 3 Swashbuckler 3 Fighter 1

Str: 15
Dex: 18
Con: 14
Int: 17
Wis: 13
Cha: 8

Hp: 62
Ac: 20
Touch: 14
Flat-footed: 16
Initiative: +4
Fort: 10
Ref: 9
Will: 4
BaB: +7
Grapple: +8

Balence: 10 Ranks 3
Bluff: 8 Ranks 9
Climb: 13 Ranks 8
Craft(weaponsmith): 8 Ranks 5
Intimidate: 7 Ranks 8
Knowladge(local): 5 Ranks 2
Preform(tall tale): 1 Ranks 2
Profession(sailor): 9 Ranks 8
Spot: 5 Ranks 5
Swim: 11 Ranks 8
Tumble: 13 Ranks 8
Use Rope: 12 Ranks 8
Read/write Language: Ranks 4

Light Crossbow
Light Mace
Msk+2 Chain Shirt
Ring of protection+1

Misc. Items
Flint and steel
Winter blanket
Signal whistle
Hemp rope 100ft
Gantlets of ogre power
Bulmakan Statue

Weapon Finesse
Combat expertise
Elusive Target
Eyes on the back of your head
Combat Reflexes

Special Abilities
Sailor Lore
Dirty strike +1d4
Grace +1
Insightful Strike

Common r/w
Dwarven r/w
Kender r/w
Ishtaran r/w

875 steel


Debts were Burned

Hill Dwarf
Neutral Good
Age 68
157 Lbs
4 feet tall
Blue eyes
Light Blond Hair
Tanned Skin

Glanfair was raised near a port city where he would help his father sell finely crafted Dwarven weaponry. As a result he came across all manner of strange people, mostly seafarers. As he grew older he developed a small gambling habit, he lost a few steel here and there but it was kept in check. A small band of Pirates came into his shop soon after a losing steak he had been having. They Bet him that their strongest man could sunder even the finest Dwarven weapon. Angered at the insult Glanfair took the bet, the only conditions made on the bet was that if he lost Glanfair would be forced to make their weapons for a year abord their ship for free, If he won they would give him a hefty sum of steel. With one strike Glanfair lost the bet and one year of his life. Although, the life of a pirate was not so horrible, Glanfair had begun to enjoy the spray of the sea and the heat of battle. On one fateful day however the band of pirates came across a traveling merchant vessel that would change their lives. For this ship was the ship that belonged to Logan’s father, After they had attacked the ship and taken everything of value they left, however Logan’s father suffered a greivous axe wound that would claim his life. A wounded pirate that had been left behind sold out the pirate he saw deal the blow to logan’s grandfather in return for his life, he said that the man was none other then a Dwarf by the name of Glanfair Dalbarek. Logan sought to bring the criminal to justice and began to find clues as to where this Dwarf could be found. Unfortunately for Logan however a particularly strange knight requested to help him in his search,a knight known as Typhanie.This led to quite a few strange situations were oftain the man to be captured was in the last place Logan would ever think to look, In the company of his fellow knight. Typhanie and Glanfair seemingly had shared stories, had drinking contests, sat on benches watching women pass by while making comments, taken on dares, went gambling, hid in brothels (well Glanfair was hiding). Nonetheless Logan pressed on questioning suspiciously masculine female dwarves, stopping to further examine potted plants and even taking quick looks in the same brothels Glanfair seemed to elude his target in. However even with his best efforts Glanfair was eventually caught and put on trial.His trial was an odd one as he testified to his strange turn of events that brought him to this situation, Sir.logan Blane took part of the preceedings and took it upon himself to parlay the Dwarf of his crimes if he were to pay off his debts and lead a life on the straight and narrow from now on. Thus began their story together and even though Glanfair was reluctant he could not help but think that Logan had done him a great favor, and would have unknowingly given Glanfair one more debt that he may never be able to pay off.

Glanfair Dalbarick

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