Kindle Otherway

Moushaven ne'er-do-well and valient hunter


Small Humanoid (Kender) Rgr4
Hp: 27
Str 14, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 13
Alignment: C.Good
Speed: 30ft
Initiative: +2
AC: 21 (Size+1, Dex+2, Armor +3), touch 13, flat 14
Saves: Fort+5 Ref: +6 Will: +3
Bab/grapple: +4/+2
Melee Attacks: Sickle +7 (1d4+2,x2), Morningstar +8 (1d6+2,x2), Shortsword +7 1d4+2,19-20/x2)
Ranged Attacks: Slings +7 (1d3+2,x2,50ft)
Feats: Athletic, Track, Two-weapon Fighting, Endurance, Dodge
Special abilities: Taunt, Favored Enemy(Animal), Two-weapon Combat Style, Distracting Attack
Skills: Climb +8 (5r, 2a, 2f) +2 with rope
Concentration +0 (3r, 1a, -4ra)
Knowledge (Nature) +11 (7r, 2a, 2c)
Listen +8 (6r, 2a)
Move Silently +4 (2r, 2a)
Slight of Hand +5 (1r, 2a, 2ra)
Spot +9 (7r, 2a)
Survival +9 (7r, 2a) +2 above ground
Swim +9 (5r, 2a, 2f)
Use Rope +8 (6r, 2a,)
Language: Common, Kender, Dwarf
Possessions: Sickle, Masterwork Morningstar, Shortsword, Sling, 20 +1bullets, Studded Leather Armor, Chalk, Soap, Winter Blanket, Pyrite Nugget, Milk Bucket, Greater Skill Shard (search), Doll with missing button-eye, Silk Rope (50ft), Pitted Rock, River Rock, Blue Vashen Comb (broken), 42 silver, 45 copper, Small Clay Cup, 409 Steel, 3 Iron, 7 (copper equivalent)
Spells Per Day: 1 1/day
Combat Spells: DC 12+lvl, cl:2 Resist Energy


Age: 23
Height: 3’2’‘
Weight: 82 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Idiosyncrasies: Hunts deer,
Likes: Vadania
Dislikes: Centaurs,

Kindle Otherway

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