Seshana Meliantir

A gentle cleric of Mishakal posessing great inner strength


Seshana is a 5th level Cloistered Cleric of Mishakal. She is known to have access to the Community, Healing, and Knowledge Domains. Her arms are a +1 heavy mace and a masterwork chain shirt. She also has a Wand of Cure Light Wounds that has seen a lot of recent use and may be running low on charges.

However the greatest assets she possesses are her sharp intellect and great inner strength, forged during a lifetime of hardship and tragedy.

She has shoulder length hair the color of wet earth and deep green, almond shaped eyes that are very expressive. While travelling she dons sturdy breeches and a long sleeved shirt over her mail, but when in town she usually wears simple robes of soft blue.


Seshana has shared little of herself with the party, though they know that she grew up an orphan in Loren and still bears a grudge against Vashans for the crimes done to her people and assumably, to herself as well. Prior to being captured by hunters in the employ of Okela, she was studying to become a priestess of the Healing Hand. She suffered abuse at their hands, including a broken arm and possibly worse if Dr Izid’s notes are to be believed.

Once her captors had sold her to the mad gnome she met Mardack, a dwarf who helped her survive and keep her spirits up despite the daily experimentation she was forced to endure. She feels a great gratitude for that, and seemed to have grown close to him in their few weeks before the dwarf met his end upon Izid’s operating table. The party discovered her a few days later, nearly dead of thirst after the gnome hastily departed for the Kutu Gelan facility, forgetting all about his test subjects.

Seshana has continued following the party since their rescue of her, and been slowly opening up to the long time members, especially Aust, for whom she has an obvious attraction. After the destruction of the Okelan base in Mt Kutu, she confessed that her greatest fear is to die alone, and Aust promised to stay with her. Since then they have remained always by each other’s side.

While serving amongst the army of West Burkana, she worked herself to exhaustion to heal the wounded, and served in several of the skirmishes. After returning to the party, she has displayed a bit more confidence and even a sharp tongue.

The elf maiden also enjoys singing in private, often going off by herself to do so, which has caused the party some worry.

Seshana Meliantir

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