Dr Cutter

A ruthless gnome, whose brilliance is detatched from any sense of compassion


Dr Cutter, as he is informally known, does not seem to present much of a threat in combat. He does however, possess a frightening intellect, and the skill to create Alchemical Items and Contraptions far beyond the scope of most mortals.

Displayed was an alchemical pellet that induced nausea, and the Mark VIII Battle suit, a large mechanized suit of armor equipped with a flamethrower and a set of ribbonlike extending blades.


A gnome of middle years with a mostly bald pate and a handlebar mustache, the party has only seen him in rolled up shirtsleeves, sturdy linen pants, and a bloodstained surgical apron. He has an air of detachment, yet interest, as though anyone he interacts with is a possible test subject.

The party followed clues to one of his labs shortly after the doctor had hurriedly departed for the next site, leaving many gruesome yet clinical records of his experiments in alchemical trait transfer and demihuman enhancements. Seshana was among the captives delivered to him for his experiments.

Later the party contacted the spirit of Mardack, another test subject who had briefly befriended Seshana, and bore witness to the gnome’s brutality while he removed the still living dwarf’s liver. Another figure, dimly seen through dieing eyes, arrived and spoke with the doctor, and exclaimations of “Anaegisisitintact” and “Kutu Gelan facility” were heard, before Mardack expired and the vision ended.

When the party briefly met him in mount Kutu, he immediately surrendered, explaining that he was a scientist, not some sword swinging barbarian. The Guildmasters had called him mad, and cast him out for “ethics violations”, all the while taking advantage of his inventions and claiming credit. It was Izid’s dream that the world be remade into one ruled by the intelligent, where science would supplant superstition. Okela shared his vision, and provided funding for his experiments, in return for making use of them.

He briefly worked with the party to repair the EMRACIM which had been keeping the volcano quiescent and channeling it’s power into the damaged Aegis that Okela had recovered. He subsequently made his escape, recovering his Mk VIII Battle Suit and heading for the secondary exit to the facility. At the exit he encountered the similarly escaping group, and blaming them for the destruction of his years of work, he nearly killed them.

Defeated, the battle suit’s ejection system jammed. As the lava approached, his last words were full of defiance and mockery, his death meant nothing, because his work was a success. What was learned cannot be unlearned.

Dr Cutter

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