A mysterious warrior pursuing perfection in the darkness


Milliankal’s capabilities are unknown, except that he is a powerful warrior, easily a match for Ivana.

The party has observed that he has the Combat reflexes, and Combat Expertise feats, and is much stronger than he looks.

From their encounter on Sheen’s back they have found that he also possesses the Riposte, and Improved Disarm feat, as well as at least 5 ranks in Balance.


A tall elf, at 5 feet, 10 inches, Milliankal has a lanky, gaunt figure and a grim uncompromising personality. His blue eyes focus intensely upon the objects of his ire, and his limp, sand colored hair is cut short to be less cumbersome in battle. Despite his looks, he can be quite eloquent when necessary, and capable of cunning and guile, such as when he manipulated the party into breaking a duel and shamed them before their mutual alliance interest.

Milliankal first appeared in the cave of Steelheart, the silver dragon, and he bore a lance of powerful magic and powerful evil which he used to harvest her blood. Ivana informed them after her rescue that he was the highest ranking member of Okela present on the island of Maraboko, although Utgard, an outsider, had been placed in overall command. Forces under his command tracked the party to the Lorenesti peninsula, captured the Capt. Farway’s ship, and allyed with the green dragon Leavensblood, and slaughtered Barakas’ centaurs. The heroes have managed to escape his grasp for the time being, but will doubtless encounter this foe again. Ivana especially has a score to settle with him, thanks to their duel resulting in her crushing defeat.

The party has learned little of his past, save that an elf by his name was “cast from the light” in new Silvanesti several years prior to its collapse. The nature of this person’s crime remains shrouded in mystery, but if he and the Okelan leader are one and the same, it may have something to do with his gaunt appearance and grim demeanor.

During their subsequent encounter in New Solanthus, Milliankal expressed regret at having to destroy Silvanesti, though he had little but scorn for the party when they recoiled from doing “what is necessary”. He holds none of Ertai’s hope to win the party over to Okela’s side, and would just as soon kill them.


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