Aust Amakir

Charismatic Elven streetbrawler born of noble blood, in search of a Fabled blade and more Alcohol....


Aust Amakir
Male Lorenesti Elf Rouge 3/Fighter 3
LG Medium Humanoid
HD 3d6 + 3d10 +6 (37 HP)
Init +3
Base Atk +5; Grp +9
Speed 30ft
AC 18(+3 Dex, +4 armor, +1 Ring),touch 14, flat-footed 14
Attacks: Moorgrave’s sword +11 melee (2d6+7/19-20×2); Maul +9 melee(1d10+6/x3); +1 over whelming Dagger +10 melee (1d4+4/19-20×2); Sap +9 melee (1d6+4/x2Nonlethal); Longbow +8 ranged (1d8/x3); Sunmetal Greataxe +10 melee (1d12+6/x3); Maul +9 melee (1d10 +6×3)
Special attacks:
Special Qualities: Lorenesti Traits, Trap finding, Sneak attack 2d6, evasion, Low-Light Vision; Elvensight, Trapsense +1
Saves:Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +2
Ablilies:Str 16(18), Dex 16, Con 12, Int 17 Wis 12, Cha 16
Skills: Balance +5, Bluff +9, Climb +7, Diplomacy +10, Disable Device +8, Disguise +9, Gather Information +8, Hide +7, Intimate +11, Jump +11, Knowledge Local +6, Listen +7, Move Silently +7, Open Lock +10, Search +10, sense motive +3, Spot +5, Swim +7, Tumble +7
Feats: Point Blank shot, weapon focus (Greatsword), Power attack, dodge, mobility
Languages: Elven (r/w), Common (r/w), Balmakan, Salamnic (r/w), Vashan (with Pearl)
Possessions: Back pack, Clothes, thieves tools x2, disguise kit, winter blanket, camo kit, ring +1, machete, amulet of undetectable alignment, bag of holding type 1, vashan pearl of speech, 2 evil potion, signal horn, Lorenesti coins, Gauntlets of ogre power, purple badge of courage, medal of the sliver phoenix. mw steel shirt. +1 greatsword, longbow, dagger +1, sap, Sun metal great axe, maul 3 daggers. 90 copper, 590 steel


After the Voshan army left ?? in complete and utter ruin, Aust emerged from where his parents hid him, in a secret compartment in the ?? Inn’s basement. Being only the equivalent to a 3 year old human, the scene of devastation wrecked his little mind, and he was forced to scavenge for food and shelter. The slain bodies of everyone he knew was especially harmful, forever scarring him. He instinctively knew to keep hidden, and for days he wandered around not knowing where to go or what to do. He surely would have perished from to the elements if it was not for the help of Master Enailas, an Elven warrior sent to survey the wasted city of ??. Enalias brought Aust back to Quenavril, putting him into the Olainthi of ??, along with many other orphans from the wars promising to return once the war was over.
In the Olainthi of ???, Aust grew to be a stellar student. He excelled in his classes, as well in his martial training, although he always found time to sneak away from less important classes (classes he did not like, such as how do deal with magic) and listen to more advanced classes on warfare and combat. His successes in class and on the training field, with weapons and sports earned him many rivals such as Quarion, Drusillia , and Thamior, three students who had dominance over their own respective areas, who viewed Aust as an upset to their balance of power, and a challenge to their dominance in such areas. When the Teachers and Custodians of the Olanithi were not looking, many brawls took place, with Aust, although younger, winning a fair amount. Many of these brawls were with Quarion, whom Austs skills challenged the most, combat. In one combat excersise, Quarion was commanding the “army.” To gain more glory and points for himself, he used Aust’s unit as bait, fully knowing the unit would get routed and Aust’s score would be low for the battle. This indeed happened and Quarion recieved much praise for his strategy successfully routed the entire enemy forces with only one unit lost. Aust’s unit. Aust knew he had been sacrificed, and it didnt help that Quarion, Drusillia and Thamior took every chance they could to taunt him for his low score. Aust held the grudge until a final dueling practice. After easily dispatching Thamior and Drusillia, who were not suited to one on one combat, he faced off against Quarion. Here he goaded Quarion into a false sense of security and bravado, faking an injury here, purposefully missing attacks, and taking a few blows, and then in one fell surprising blow of considerable power, downed him in one blow. He received enough points that day to replace Quarion as the head of class. This change of power forced the 4 rivals to work together in their next year, as team attacks were now being graded, and as the top 4 students, they were given the hardest tasks and challenges. From this rivalry, rivalry became grudging respect, which became friendship. When Master Enalias returned and left with Aust, He never saw them again.
When the 14th War of the Axe ended, Master Enalias returned to Quenavril, and took Aust as his squire. Enalias built upon the teachings of the Olanithi, being a graduate of ???? himself. He taught Aust the languages of the people of Antarria, more advanced combat technique, and how to survive. When the Voshans invaded Quenavril, Aust helped Enalias fight them off, but when the city was overrun, he lead Aust through secret passages to get out of of the city. Once out of Quenavril, they were forced to travel through Vosh. Evading Voshan Patrols and Hunting parties was no easy task for two elves. They quickly learned how to disguise themselves. Crude but effective, burkas worked effectively, for the limited time to retrieve supplies from towns. One benifit of traveling in Vash, was ransacking lightly armed caravans, and plundering them. In one such raid, Enalias and Aust discovered it was full of elven books. after taking as many as they could, and burning the rest so the Vashans could not use them, Enalias discovered a note written by a Sentator Inthialas’s hidden away in the pages of a history book containing the Linage of the Ambrodel line. It detailed his findings of a child looking like the Frozen King, and further more was hidden specifically in the under the section detailing their Ancestral Blade, Vonlynes, and if it could be placed within the child’s hands the Lorenesti might be rallied and fend off the Voshans. Enalias hid the note, while beliving Aust may be the Prince, he trained him and taught him of the blade and how it had helped the Lorenesti in times of peril many times before. So Enalias and Aust traveled the lands, preparing Aust for anything that he may encounter, and in hopes that he would overcome and eventually, somehow recover the blade and bring the glory of the Lorenesti people back. This continued for many years, but as fate had it, their plundering in Vosh had earned Enalias a Writ of Execution. While nearing the lands of Emburg Vale, a Voshan Bounty Hunter named Ivan Dreghkov, a fierce and able warrior/assassin with 2 large axes ambushed the pair of elves, and slew Enalias, grabbed his body and teleported away.
After this terrible incident, Aust lost much direction in his young elven life, another person he cared about had suffered a terrible fate. He wandered around the lands friendly to elves, trying to earn his keep, failing at long term jobs, he occasionally had to resort to thievery to feed himself. After years of wandering, and with not more than 30 steel to his name, he headed towards Vosh, to wreak vengeance upon any Voshan who came upon his path. Near the outset of his journey, he had to wait for a ferry to cross a rather large river, when a strange group of adventurers leading a remarkable horse boarded the same ferry. After the rope caught on fire, and a rather alarming impromptu whitewater rafting trip, eventually ending in the meeting of a group of druids, Aust had found a new direction, to stop the terrible evil of Okeyla.
Currently Aust is enjoying the rather strange company he has found. The constant social graces of Vadania, the laughable antics of Kindle, with the ever healing touch and kind words of Seshanna, the pretty elven cleric, keep his recent alcoholism to a minimum, as many of he has known, and personally witnessed, die horrible and terrible deaths. (and personally very very very thankful of their efforts to keep him from suffering the same) Recently being informed that he is infact the last of the Ambrodels, Aust is unsure of how to continue, waiting for some sort of sign that he is in fact the Young Prince of the Ambrodels. He now adventures to defeat Okeyla and their despicable and evil magics and discover Vonlynes, the blade, which if ???? was right, should help him bring hope to the Lorenesti people.

Aust Amakir

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