Ivana Half Elven

A foul mouthed, crude adventurer who grew up tough enough to survive in a hostile world


Ivana Half Elven
Female Half-Elf Monk 6 Ranger 2 Fighter 1
C? Medium Humanoid
Init +2; Senses Low-Light Vision; Listen +12, Spot +13
Languages Common, Elven, Other Language

AC 18, touch 12, flat-footed 16
(+2 Dex, +6 armor)
hp 72 (1d10+8d8+27)
Diamond Body (Su)
Fort +13, Ref +10, Will +8

Speed 30ft.
Melee weapon Unarmed Strike +11/+6 (1d8+4) and
Flurry of Blows +10/+10/+5 () and
Halberd +11/+6 (1d10+6) and
Battleaxe +11/+6 (1d8+4) and
+1 Halberd +12/+7 (1d10+7)
Ranged weapon Masterwork Longbow, Composite (Str +4) +10/+5 (1d8+4)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Base Atk +7/+2; Grp +11
Atk Options Flurry of Blows (-1, 1 extra attack), Ki Strike, Magic (Su)
Combat Gear Unarmed Strike, Flurry of Blows, Halberd, Battleaxe, +1 Halberd, +1 Mithral Breastplate, Masterwork Longbow, Composite (Str +4), +1 Arrows, Arrows


The group first met Ivana in the town of ?, delivering a job offer from a Vashan magistrate. She immediately struck the party as a lusty, short-tempered, and experianced adventurer. Ivana found early that cracking heads first and asking questions later is the best way for a half elf to earn enough respect in Vash to avoid the noose. After taking the mission and buying the messengers a drink, she went on her way.

They again ran into her in an Okelan prison camp, and she was of great use to them in escaping and then avoiding subsequent capture during the long and dangerous trek through Loren. In Imburg vale she introduced the party to the Holmsteads, whom she has known for years. She especially dotes on young Indana, which recently led to a falling out when Kindle took him on an adventure that nearly killed them both. Ivana is very protective of the boy, and punched the kender later that night (when threatening, predictably, had no effect). She then disappeared with Indana into the night, which neither Cyran nor Olga found alarming.

The party then was pulled away on a seperate adventure, and when they briefly returned to the Vale they did not check up on Ivana or the Holmsteads before being whisked away unwillingly to their next destination. Thus, Ivana has not been seen since and can be assumed to still be holding a grudge.

Ivana Half Elven

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