Indana Holmstead

A child determined to be a hero


Indana Holmstead
NG Human (small) Com 0
AC 12 Hp 2
Spiked Branch +0 (d2) or
Wooden practice sword +0 (d3)


Indana is a precocious child of about 11, though many mistake him for younger. He idolizes his “Aunt Ivana” and never fails to listen to her stories with rapt attention when she visits. It has inspired him to go on adventures of his own, taking his friends on long hikes up the mountain.

He has already had his very first adventure, aiding Kindle Otherway in her quest to get a Roc’s egg for Shethhh, the colossal serpent King of the next valley over. The scale he received as reward is his most treasured possession.

He seems to have something of a boyish crush on Kindle.

Indana Holmstead

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