Cyran and Olga Holmstead

This husband and wife live quietly in Imburg Vale, raising their son Indana


Cyran Holmstead
N Human Exp 2
AC 11 Hp 7
Skill Focus: Craft (Carpentry), Run

Olga Holmstead
NG Human Com 2
AC 10 Hp 5


The Holmsteads are good friends of the adventurer Ivana, and owe her their lives. It seems that during the War of Destiny their entire village was destroyed, and as they fled for their lives they happened upon her camp. She not only saved them, but also escorted the family to safety in the Vale and took part in Poison Mulhallion’s counter-offensive. They have made new homes here, Cyran taking up carpentry and doing well due to all the new construction, and Olga staying home to raise Indana.

They have generously opened their home to Ivana whenever she is in town, welcoming as well any friends of hers.

Cyran and Olga Holmstead

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