• Aust Amakir

    Aust Amakir

    Charismatic Elven streetbrawler born of noble blood, in search of a Fabled blade and more Alcohol....
  • Eldanesh Holimion

    Eldanesh Holimion

    Pompous elven princling with an appreciation for artistic weapons
  • Glanfair Dalbarick

    Glanfair Dalbarick

    The Semi Crazy Dwarven Pirate
  • Kindle Otherway

    Kindle Otherway

    Moushaven ne'er-do-well and valient hunter
  • Ael'ahr


    An angelounian wizard who travels with the party, often mistaken, often inscrutable
  • Ajakall


    Boulmaukan Mountain guide of the Palaga people
  • Cyran and Olga Holmstead

    Cyran and Olga Holmstead

    This husband and wife live quietly in Imburg Vale, raising their son Indana
  • Daranda


    Silvanesti girl with an obsession with death, and a lot of grief
  • Dr Cutter

    Dr Cutter

    A ruthless gnome, whose brilliance is detatched from any sense of compassion
  • Ichabod of Silver Claw

    Ichabod of Silver Claw

    A slightly creepy, very deliberate human who takes care of the Silver Claw Inn.
  • Illial Helianthel

    Illial Helianthel

    Cousin to the Speaker, and determined to get his due
  • Indana Holmstead

    Indana Holmstead

    A child determined to be a hero
  • Ivana Half Elven

    Ivana Half Elven

    A foul mouthed, crude adventurer who grew up tough enough to survive in a hostile world
  • Milliankal


    A mysterious warrior pursuing perfection in the darkness
  • Sechelle


    A high ranking member of House Woodshaper
  • Seshana Meliantir

    Seshana Meliantir

    A gentle cleric of Mishakal posessing great inner strength
  • Sheen


    Silver dragon, no longer troubled by the loss of his humanity
  • Uchungu Red-Eye

    Uchungu Red-Eye

    Duke of Marakabi
  • Utgard


    The High Commander of Maraboko Island
  • Utungi the Ugly

    Utungi the Ugly

    A powerful mahgi, helping the disabled help themselves.