Antarria, the Shadows of Perfection

Interlude in Imburg

Finally safe, the party rests and prepares for the next adventure

Upon arriving back in Imburg vale, Ivana introduced the party to the Holmstead family, and everyone got some well deserved rest. Indana seemed especially taken with “Aunt Ivana”’s return, and quickly took a liking to both Kindle and Slivet. He made Kindle promise to play tomorrow morning.

The next day the party split up to take care of business. Kindle to play adventuring with Indana, Vadania to talk to Michelle Knightly at the Druid’s grove, while the rest made their way to Castle Mulhallion to warn of a possible Okelan invasion.

Michelle revealed that Okela was searching for an Angelounian Artifact of immense power called, the “Aegis”, which is the same name Dr Cutter mentioned previously. However, Michelle knew no more of what it did or why they would want it, so she suggested they speak to an Angelounian and ask them about it. She also offered to reward the party for their efforts thus far, and the elven druidess promised to gather the requests.

Indana and Kindle, meanwhile, had marched over the mountain to where what the kender thought was an enormous green column had fallen over, although Indana insisted it was a snake. They decided to yell and see if it was alive or not… and it was indeed. Saeshhh the serpent King demanded they retrieve a Roc’s egg from a nearby nest as punishment for waking him. After a long and arduous trek, they got the egg and were each rewarded with one of the King’s giant scales.

Lord Mulhallion had departed the castle to aid in the Dwarven Crusades, so the rest of the party met with Endoren, his seneschal, and Argent his bodyguard to give their warning. Although both seemed to take it seriously, Endoren indicated that there was little that could be done with such scant intelligence. The North Solamnians were currently on high alert because of a buildup in their southern neighbor. Endoren promised to send out some agents to look into the matter further.

The party also learned that Argent was not in fact a woman, but a magical sword created by Angelounians centuries ago and capable of taking human form.

That night after everyone brought each other up to speed on their days work, and Ivana was not happy to hear Kindle had endangered the boy. That night she grabbed the kender in her sleep and got into a heated argument that escalated into brief violence, until Indana woke up and Ivana hurried him away.

The party decided to ask around for more information on the Aegis before talking to the Angelounian. They tried to ask more information of Argent, but the guards turned them away, and a night of the castle, sir Marilynn Aubrecht directed them to talk to Rial of the Scriveners guild. Rial was a bookish sort, overflowing with knowledge that he just could not shut up about. They got many half formed theories, and the fact that Aegis means “shield” or “protector” in the Angelounian tongue, but also that it probably meant more, as most words are context dependent in that secret tongue.

Vadania took Kindle’s snake scale to a dwarven armorer named ??? and asked him to make a breastplate of it. The party did not have enough, and so they agreed to pick up some goods from the next town over to make up the difference.

Finally they decided to wait for the Angelounian at the General Store he was known to frequent.



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